"If environmentalists aren't willing to engage with big businesses, which are among the most powerful forces in the modern world, it won't be possible to solve the world's environmental problems".   (Jared Diamond)
EcoFinance is an innovative Israeli Consultancy Group that assists companies to assimilate environmental performance in their activities. We in EcoFinance believe that only companies, which run their business under environmental considerations, will succeed to maintain a true measurable competitive advantage in the long run.
In addion to our consultation services, EcoFinance helps investors "to make the right decision" in a rational & responsible way and reduce the risks & obstcales in their investments or projects.

EcoFinance had gathered experts with wide knowledge, abilities and experience in order to answer all costumers' needs and provide environmental consultation and research services for environmental projects.

Among the services given by EcoFinance you can find:

  1. Assimilating environmental strategies and environmental managements systems (EMS) for companies.
  2. Managing Environmental Crisis & public campaigns.  
  3. Analyzing responsible investments, Environmental screening of investments & performing environmental Due-Diligence.
  4. Producing environmental reports & conducting environmental researches.
  5. Promoting environmental projects & Technologies.
  6. Carbon Management Services (GHG inventories).
  7. Representation services confronting Environmental Authorities.
EcoFinance was founded in 2005, by Adv. Lior Shmueli, who served as an economic adviser to the former minister of environment, Prof. Yehudith Naot. Mr. Shmueli holds M.Sc in finance from Tel Aviv University as well as B.A in economics (with honour) from Haifa University. Lior is a commercial-environmental lawyer in his training and has a wide experience as well as involvement in promoting many environmental projects in Israel.
EcoFinance also works with the leading specialist providers of consultancy advisory services in the environmental & financial sector to support all of your transaction and investment activities.

For further information don't hesitate to contact us here :

Email: info@ecologicalfinance.com

Tel: +972-3-7554499

Fax: +972-3-7554491

EcoFinance-Consulting & Responsible Investments

23 Bar-Kokhba st, V-Tower (4th Floor), Bnei Brak 5126002 Israel

רח' בר כוכבא 23 (מגדל V-TOWER קומה 4), בני ברק 5126002 ,  טל' 03-7554499 פקס 03-7554491

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